Noontime Follies cover by Elizabeth Gunn

Noontime Follies (Jake Hines)

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Jake Hines and his team are plunged into the controversial world of cutting edge science when a biochemist is found dead at his desk.

Rutherford’s Property Crimes division is on a hot streak. Having recently attracted a string of New Science businesses, the town has had fourteen office break-ins in just five days, though nothing seems to have been taken. A series of threatening notes are left by an environmental group, and curiosity soon turns to alarm when a lead scientist is found dead at his desk at one of the invasion sites.

As the small start-ups that received the messages are damaged and frightened by sneak attacks, Jake and his team must embark on a steep learning. But is the professor’s death really to do with his pioneering scientific work, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

“Another solid police procedural from the reliable Gunn.” — Michele Leber, Booklist

“Smart, twisty…Gunn expertly blends the timely, headline-grabbing topics…with credible characters and situations.” — Publishers Weekly


I was brought into the world one crisp October evening, late in the twentieth century, by a janitor who fished me out of a motel dumpster in Red Wing, Minnesota. I was probably a couple of hours old, naked in a stiff breeze off the Mississippi and almost too cold to cry.

Smart money, if there had been any around, would not have bet on a bright future for this shriveled brown-skinned castoff with the puzzling face. But I caught a few lucky breaks – the Minnesota welfare system kept me from starving, and I was helped along the way by a great caregiver and a couple of talented teachers. So now, in my late thirties, contrary to reasonable expectations, I’m not in jail or living under a bridge. In fact, I’m a husband and father, with all the markers: the mortgage, the car seat, the worried frown from always being late. My name is Jake Hines, and I’m a cop.


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