Close to the Edge (Sarah Burke 7)

From Amazon:

In a sweltering Tucson summer, Detective Sarah Burke takes on a homicide case that will lead her on a trail of murder, revenge and dark secrets. And even put her own life in danger.

Detective Sarah Burke and new cop Zivko ‘Bogey’ Boganicevic are sent out to an incident at Fairweather Farms senior living center in Tucson.

The center’s van was in a high-speed chase, pursued by a carload of bandits, and crashed into its own garage.

But when they get to the scene of the crash, Sarah makes a grisly discovery.

The driver, Enrique Lopez, has been shot in the head.

Why was a kindly man, dedicated to looking after the elderly, gunned down by a team of hoodlums wielding military-grade rifles?

Sarah is determined to crack the case, but this mystery will push her close to the edge of her limits.

Previously published as Sarah’s List


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