Close to Her (Sarah Burke 1)

From Amazon:

Tucson, Arizona. Eighty miles from the Mexican border. The last week of September. It’s sizzling by noon.

Detective Sarah Burke is a homicide cop with a lot on her plate. Her boss has a grudge against her, her sister is just out of rehab, her ex-husband is taking her for all she’s worth in the divorce, and her new man is keeping secrets from her.

One sweltering early Arizona morning, Sarah is called out to a body in a parking lot. The dead man has the hands of a street fighter, but he’s wearing expensive clothes and looks too clean cut. What did he do to get himself stabbed to death?

Sarah gets home to see her ten-year-old niece on the news. Denny was left in the car while her mom went to the grocery store for beer. The carjacker didn’t see the little girl asleep in the back.

Detective Sarah Burke must race against time to stop a killer — and get her favorite niece back safely.

Previously published as Cool in Tucson


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