Magic Line (Sarah Burke)

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Two bad-guys-in-training invade a stash house in a residential area of Tucson. Multiple homicides follow. Sarah and her crew collect piles of evidence, mostly guns and money, while repeatedly chasing the tricky felon who started it all. Before they get the killing stopped, they’ve put a new shine on the concept of overtime.

“…Gunn pulls it all together in a satisfying fashion that should entice readers to seek earlier titles in the series.” Publisher’s Weekly, January 30, 2012.


Delaney was waiting for them as they came off the elevator. Ray had phoned him on the way back, so he would hear from them first that the fugitive got away. “I heard part of the chase. You’re pretty sure you were after Robin Brady?”

“We know he was at the house when we were there. We think we almost caught him in a white Taurus, but—can we go in your office, please? And close the door?”

Delaney looked at her as if she’d said something indecent, but he walked into his office. They followed him in and closed the door.

“What, for godsake?” he said. “Did you wreck the car?”

“Boss, just…please. We…I need to sit.”

He made a despairing gesture. “Who’s stopping you? Sit.”

They all sat down, and Sarah pulled the royal blue bank sack out of her briefcase and laid it in front of him. “Look.”

He picked it up and unzipped the top. The funky smell of cigarette smoke, marijuana, liquor and grease, ink and sweat, came out with the money. It was very dirty money, its filth redeemed entirely by the fact that there was such a lot of it.

“Oh, my Christ, you found more?” Delaney said, lining up the stacks in front of him.

“Where?” And then because the money itself was more interesting than anything she couldsay about it, he lost interest in her answer. “A lot of these are fifties, you know that? And hundreds. Wow. Lot of money.”

He looked up. Their faces blazed at him like two suns. He said, “What?”

Sarah took two more bank sacks out of her briefcase and passed them across the desk.

He unzipped them with his mouth open, too awestruck to say any more.

“I got my radio back too,” Ray Menendez said.


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