Cool in Tucson (Sarah Burke)

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The first Sarah Burke Mystery, now returned to print!

Tucson police detective Sarah Burke, smart and ambitious, worries that Sergeant Delaney, her superior on the homicide squad, seems to have a grudge against her. Still smarting from a painful divorce, she puts personal concerns aside to concentrate on a body found in a parking lot. The case takes a bizarre turn when Sarah’s young niece, Denny, neglected by her substance-abusing mother and struggling to stay in school, disappears. The search is complicated by interference from the drug ring that the suspected murderer’s been working for, and Sarah’s growing romantic interest in a troubled colleague rebuilding his life after injury…


“Okay, let’s bag him up,” Sarah said, pulling on gloves again. When the victim was zipped inside the bag she signed the department sealing tape and spread it carefully over the pull tab. From now until the autopsy, nobody could get access to this body without leaving a record. “I’ll stop at Gilligan’s office and tell him he can put his body away.”

“Fine. You know, Sarah,” Gloria said, pressing the last fingerprint into her spiral book and noting the location, “this guy….”

“The dead guy? What?”

Gloria brooded. “He’s not your average John Doe, is he? Looks like…I don’t know…somebody.”

“I thought so too. Seems like we should be getting some inquiries.”

“If he belonged to me I’d sure be asking by now. Hoo! Hunky dude like this in a park all alone? Why?”

“I guess I don’t think much about the why.”

“You don’t? Motive doesn’t matter any more?”

“Well…it does to a jury. But to tell you the truth, the reasons people give for killing somebody usually don’t make any sense.”

“People don’t know why they kill other people?”

“I think by definition killing’s an irrational act.”

“Oh, now, hold on, I know some people—you take my Uncle Budge—”

“But you haven’t killed him yet, have you? Because all your constraints are in place and working.”

“And besides I don’t have to see him any more. If I did—”

“Uncle Budge would be toast, huh?” Sarah hung her purse and briefcase on her shoulders, smiling. “We all say that. ‘One of these days I’m going to strangle her with my bare hands.’ My mother says that about my sister almost every week. But very few of us do it.”

“I wonder what would pop my cork?” Gloria straightened up from the table and rubbed her back with a little groan. “Rage, I guess. Sex, of course. What else do people kill for?”

“Oh, in Tucson , these days,” Sarah said, “we usually just look for the drugs.”


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