Sarah Burke Mysteries


Red Man Down (Sarah Burke)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Clues Unlimited | Find Elizabeth on Facebook for updates on this and other releases! From the publisher: Sarah Burke’s Saturday off is interrupted when she is called to a shooting – a rookie cop has been involved in a shootout with a criminal stealing copper wire from a...


Magic Line (Sarah Burke)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Clues Unlimited | Two bad-guys-in-training invade a stash house in a residential area of Tucson. Multiple homicides follow. Sarah and her crew collect piles of evidence, mostly guns and money, while repeatedly chasing the tricky felon who started it all. Before they get the killing stopped, they’ve...


Kissing Arizona (Sarah Burke)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Clues Unlimited | In one weekend, the bodies of two young men and three dogs are found in a stash house and there’s an apparent murder/suicide of a pair of prominent local store owners. The Tucson homicide squad is already hopping when Sarah Burke gets a call...


New River Blues (Sarah Burke)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Clues Unlimited | Tucson police detective Sarah Burke is called in to investigate a horrific double murder in a high-dollar neighbourhood. The tragic destiny of a rich and troubled family unfolds against the backdrop of the imploding construction industry and the politics of downtown construction. Meanwhile Sarah’s...


Cool in Tucson (Sarah Burke)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble iBookstore Google Play | The first Sarah Burke Mystery, now returned to print! Tucson police detective Sarah Burke, smart and ambitious, worries that Sergeant Delaney, her superior on the homicide squad, seems to have a grudge against her. Still smarting from a painful divorce, she puts...