Jake Hines Mysteries

Noontime Follies cover by Elizabeth Gunn

Noontime Follies (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Clues Unlimited | Jake Hines and his team are plunged into the controversial world of cutting edge science when a biochemist is found dead at his desk. Rutherford’s Property Crimes division is on a hot streak. Having recently attracted a string of New Science businesses, the town...


Eleven Little Piggies (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Clues Unlimited | Chief of Detectives Jake Hines’ new-parent nightmares about an impending ecological disaster on a Minnesota farm have a deadly real twist.   Forced to choose between the land they love and the easy money they’d get if they sold it to sand miners for oil...


The Ten-Mile Trials

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Clues Unlimited | When a dead man is discovered in a house that’s being used as a grow house and meth lab, Captain Jake Hines pulls in all his detectives to investigate.  The victim carried no identification, but the discovery of a small Mass card, written in...


McCafferty’s Nine (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Google Play iTunes | In the mid-size city of Rutherford, Chief of Detectives Jake Hines has all his investigators working at top speed. His People Crimes Crew is chasing a mugger whose violence is escalating towards murder. And the Property Crimes Section is clamorous with complaints...


Crazy Eights (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble | For Jake Hines, Captain of Detectives in Rutherford, Minnesota, the fact that Benny Niemeyer was found not guilty of murder is a personal insult. He’d spent months developing the case, Benny’s attorney almost sleepwalked through the trial, and the D.A. had done a great job,...


Too Many Santas (a Jake Hines Novella)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Google Play iTunes | When the department store Santa of Rutherford, Minnesota, goes missing, it’s a child’s happy shot that calls attention to the red-suited figure just visable within the branches of the Christmas tree. Jake Hines is called to investigate a holiday mystery with too many...


Seventh-Inning Stretch (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble | People tend to laugh a bit, usually out of embarrassment, when they’re taken in by grifters and scam artists. But there’s very little to laugh about in Rutherford, where a gang has hit town and has Jake Hines and his team spinning, trying to follow...


Six-Pound Walleye (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble | Light deprivation’s already got the department on edge, when two crisis calls come into the station at once. Jake Hines uses all the department’s resources and gets help from his girlfriend Trudy and the other scientists at the state crime lab, but in the end,...


Five Card Stud (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble | Jake Hines and his crew of police investigators chase scant clues in blizzard conditions when a half-naked body is found frozen in a snowbank. The mystery deepens as evidence indicates the dead man is a long-haul truck driver — but his rig is nowhere in...


Par Four (Jake Hines)

| Amazon Barnes & Noble Google Play iTunes | Jake gets promoted to Chief of Detectives but has no time to enjoy his new office before a robbery, a kidnapping and then a shocking double murder lead Jake and his crew to a web of lies and greed growing unsuspected in peaceful,...