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From Elizabeth Gunn:

Welcome to my world, where hard-working cops in two fast-growing cities, the fictional Rutherford, Minnesota and the very real Tucson, Arizona struggle to fit a personal life around the demands of their jobs.  The law-breakers who oppose them work even harder, sometimes, just trying to stay one jump ahead.  And when the question is, “Can’t we all just get along?” the answer is, “Probably not.”

Elizabeth Gunn

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  1. wanda hinds

    just found your jake hines series–wanted to pass along abourt my papa the family called him jake and our last name was almost the same—he was a baseball fan and pitched till well into his 50s –there was a similiar conversation in that book–i.e. daday was on a ship world war II and someone said 2 him oh the pickles–hienz– and dad said no the lotionHoney and almond cream–they have it in the family dollar stores and its pink–i have a poster in my kitchen its like an old fashion christmas card–little girl in winter coat–i lve it he answer the phone HINES!!! wanda in sparks,nv

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